Ziggy and me

About me

I live and work in Indianapolis, Indiana, a beautiful area in the United States. We don't have mountains, but we have plenty of farms, rustic barns, covered bridges, cows, sheep and chickens. An artist paints what's available and this Ohio native has adapted to the life here and loves it.   We have three rescue dogs and a huge male cat -- all adopted from shelters. No purebreds here!  

Our cat, Ziggy, was an impulse acquisition: I was scrolling through Pet Finder and saw a photo of a black and white, long-haired kitten, just like I'd always wanted. The rescue organization, Paws on My Heart, was hosting an adoption event at Pet Supplies Plus. We stopped in to the store and found a kitten , who has quickly become the king of our household. He may have some Maine Coon in his ancestry because he weighed 16 lbs at one year of age.