Original oil paintings by nora sallows

Dancing Light Studio

Landscapes, portraits, still-life, and wildlife paintings

When I began painting, I started with portraits, not realizing it was the most difficult subject to depict. Why? The human face was what I was interested in, but eventually I became interested in painting EVERYTHING.


Most of my landscapes are painted plein air, or outside. It's the best way to capture the true color of light and shadow. I may use a photo and the plein air study to complete a larger piece in the studio.


I've always had dogs and cats, so they quickly became inspiration for my paintings. Over the years I've painted hundreds of pet portraits. If you're interested in a commission, please send an email. 

Still Life

In the winter months I paint still life subjects. It's a fantastic way to create interesting compositions and experiment with color.  Indoor lighting can be manipulated easily to introduce drama.
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