Dancing Light Studio

A hand painted portrait, when it’s done well, will always express the character and individuality of the subject better than a photograph. Photos are static and uncompromising. A portrait that is built up layer by layer with an artistic skill is an heirloom that will be treasured for generations.

I prefer to work from life whenever possible. If that’s not possible I can make do with large well-lit photographs. I do not work from studio photos. What should you wear? There are rules but from experience I can tell you that prints may go out of style so solid colors and probably neutral tones work best. However, that does not mean you can't wear other colors. If you have a favorite outfit and that’s what you are comfortable in by all means choose this. Do keep in mind that classically styled clothing will always be in fashion.

Think about where the portrait will hang when you are considering what to wear. A portrait that hangs in a formal living room will need a very different look than one that will hang in your game room. Outdoor portraits are more casual and complement southwest décor and beach houses. Travel and lodging expenses are additional and all portraits require a 40% deposit.